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My Story

I've worked with kids my whole life. It didn't prepare me for motherhood.

I stared babysitting when I was in high school, studied to be a teacher, tutored, ran summer programs, was Aunty to my baby cousins, and owned a babysitting agency for 6 years. I always wanted to be a mom and I LOVED newborns. I was thought I was ready.

But a week into new parenthood I found myself bleary eyed and down the google rabbit hole of baby sleep. There were so many resources! I was so tired. 

After a few months, my first thought in the morning was how scared I was for bedtime-- it took me 2+ hours to put my baby to sleep and I was so frustrated and defeated. Even with that heroic effort, she still woke up multiple times a night.

I researched and researched. I read all the books. I found a wonderful blog. And still, I couldn't quite get the courage to make a change. Luckily for me, my hanai big sister gave me the support I needed to feel confident with moving forward. This was my ah-ha moment: Parents need support to make changes. 


Once my baby was sleeping 11+ hours at night, my whole outlook on life, parenting (and being a wife!) changed. I wanted to help others re-experience the bliss of 8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep so I started supporting my friends when they wanted to make changes. 

I'd love to help you, too. 

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