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Do you have one single method?

No, I've researched many different methods, tips and tricks to help babies and kids sleep better. It's important to choose a method that resonates with your parenting style so that you stick with it--consistency is key! The plan we come up with is about YOU and YOUR BABY.


What's a good age for your service?

Any age! While independent sleep is more of a 3+ month skill, there are ways to help your newborn sleep longer, better and get rest for everyone in the family. Also, sleep issues don't always resolve themselves in the baby days. I can help with toddler and school aged children's sleep problems, too. 

Do you support Cry It Out?

I hate the phrase CIO--it's so loaded. But will major changes/learning a new skill result in some protesting? Probably, making a change is hard! But I don't think of it as CIO--there's no "it" to get "out". It's more giving your kid the time, space and support to learn a new skill. Crying is how babies express their feelings. Nobody wants to hear their kid cry, of course. Even 2 min can be so hard. But it is impossible to avoid all tears at all times--my kid cries in the car seat all the time. She cries when I won't let her run in the road or pull the dog's tail. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let her do those things. 

Can I get my kid to sleep better by myself? Why do I need a consultant?

I assume since you're already here that you probably are looking for some help. There are tons of resources online--some are fantastic and some are garbage. One of the best resources around is But I've found that sometimes having the knowledge isn't enough--we need SUPPORT and HELP to make big changes. I also found that when you're sleep deprived, it's harder to make rational decisions and stick with plans--especially at 3am. With some extra support, you'll feel confident! And a well-rested parent is the best parent.

Why hire a local sleep consultant? Why not someone from the mainland?

You absolutely can! Much of sleep consulting is remote. But I offer some local insight, we probably have friends in common (or maybe we went to high school together?) and you can see that I'm a real person. I also don't charge a lot--I genuinely want to help island families get the rest they deserve. Living in Hawaii is expensive and good sleep shouldn't be a privilege. 

I'm here for you!

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