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Well rested families are the happiest! 

Getting your baby to learn to sleep can be HARD.


Being a parent is such a radical and amazing job--but sleep deprivation makes it much less joyful.

All babies can learn to love sleep!

Helping your baby learn to sleep is a gift for your self and your child. Everyone will be happier.

When the whole house is overtired, making a change can feel overwhelming and scary. With a friend at your side, sleep training will be that much easier for everyone. 

We believe in facts not fears.

Our sleeping philosophy stems from real world experience with dozens of families as well as great research and explanations from our favorite sleep blog Precious Little Sleep

It is absolutely possible to get your kid sleeping independently without a sleep consult. But it can be much easier with a friend by your side!

We love all types of safe sleeping arrangements and parenting philosophies and work with you so that you can be confident in your choices.

We are here to help!

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